Tips for Online and Remote Learning

Frances Eusebio NDNU student

Frances Eusebio, Notre Dame de Namur University student

Online or distance learning requires heightened time management because of its rigorous and individual nature. Remote learning may also lead to student apathy, which makes it difficult to keep up with work.

It’s not easy to stay focused when you’re learning online

When classes and work are online, it can be difficult to stay focused, especially if you’re caught up in the world of social media and the Internet, and if you’re like me, with a limited attention span. I can lose interest as soon as a video reaches the one-minute mark!

Set alarms to keep on schedule

But do not fear, there is always a solution! To keep productive, set schedules and reminders. Make it a habit to start your day by planning a schedule for the rest of your day. The alarm clock on your phone doesn’t just come in handy when you need a wake-up call. Use your alarm to remind you throughout the day when online classes begin, when you should start doing work, exercise, watch a movie, and even when free time starts! Having an alarm is the perfect way to stay on schedule, especially if you’re having problems keeping motivated.

Take notes

Remember that online Zoom classes still carry the same weight as face-to-face classes. Taking notes is essential. It gives you something to do, all while listening attentively during class. I trust the Notebook app to keep all my notes for classes coordinated and neat.

Stay connected

When almost everything is virtual, it’s difficult to connect with professors and fellow students. A mantra most students would agree on is, “In strong Internet connection and Zoom we trust.” It’s important to stay in touch with your professors, so email them from time to time, either to check in about how you’re doing in the course, or even to know how they’re doing. Your professors would be grateful to hear from you.

Hold online study groups

Hold Zoom virtual study groups and do schoolwork with your classmates. Schedule a time every week to meet with your study group to go over the work assigned for the class. If there’s no homework, you can always use a catch-up session to see how your classmates are doing. We all need somebody to lean on during this time of isolation.

Stay entertained, stay healthy, stay active

Being stuck at home can lead to lethargy, and it’s also difficult to keep yourself entertained. But thanks to the World Wide Web, there are thousands of sites and apps to keep yourself entertained as you confine. To stay healthy, limit junk foods and fill yourself with healthy foods rich in protein, vegetables, and fruits. I know this can be difficult, but quarantine also means you get to channel your inner home cook. Browse the web for sites such as and Epicurious and look up healthy recipes to spice up your meals. Most ingredients can be found at home. Another way to stay healthy is by doing online workouts. Go to YouTube and follow the easy steps of cardio, yoga, or HITT. Get in shape and stay active!

Find options to keep entertained

To entertain yourself, binge your favorite movies and TV shows. I’ve been watching the movie Love Wedding Repeat on Netflix and Gordon Ramsay’s Uncharted documentary on Disney+. Venture out to foreign cinema and research the films of countries around the world. If you want something more audio than visual, go for podcasts! Spotify offers a whole selection of genres. If you like crime, listen to “The Dating Game Killer,” or “WTF with Marc Maron” if you want some comedy. If you want to put the device down, head over to the Kindle app and buy a good book. I’ve been reading Sally Rooney’s romance coming-of-age novel Normal People and have the detective fiction book Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie next on the list. Follow book clubs and blogs to see what everyone’s reading!

The world is experiencing uncertain and challenging times, and everyone should do their part to help heal the world. May this be a time of self-reflection and restoration as we lean on each other for support. Times are difficult, but together we can overcome this. We are stronger than whatever challenge we face, and the true test lies within ourselves.

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