Experiences as a Transfer Student: Notre Dame de Namur University Edition

When I got into Notre Dame de Namur University (NDNU), I was so happy I ugly cried on the phone with my transfer counselor. He was talking me through the details of transferring, but everything he said was muffled by my joy, like Charlie Brown listening to his teacher. NDNU had the Communication program I wanted most, with the student services I have grown to value so highly.

Samantha Rupel, NDNU transfer student

The application process alone with other schools was traumatizing, I could never get ahold of anyone for help with my paperwork or arrange a meeting longer than five minutes to discuss the details of my transfer application. When I applied to NDNU, I got a call from my admissions counselor letting me know when my application was being reviewed, and again at each step moving forward. My hand was held all the way through the transfer process, and I always had a quick response whenever I got nervous.

This experience convinced me that a small university was the right choice for me in finishing the last two years of my education. I signed my commitment forms on Argo Day (NDNU’s welcome day for admitted students), got my Polaroid picture taken with the NDNU Argonaut mascot, received my first NDNU T-shirt, and spoke with some students who would soon be my peers in the Communication Department.

When I got through the bureaucracy and into the school, I was assigned a guidance counselor, Leah Ferrari, to help lay out my two-year plan for graduation. She is incredibly attentive and careful with the details to ensure there is plenty of time and wiggle room for each of her students. This makes me feel looked after and comfortable to enjoy my top-of-the-line education, while trusting her to make sure I’m taking all the classes I need.

Brooke Becton’s transfer experience led her to be a transfer ambassador for NDNU’s Office of Admissions. “If you’re thinking about transferring, then take the next steps,” she says. “Also, if there are ever any doubts or questions during the transfer process, don’t be afraid to reach out to the counselors because they are great resources.”

NDNU promises to look at the applicant as a whole, and not just as a set of statistics, and they keep their promise. I transferred in with a 2.6 GPA, thinking I didn’t have a chance anywhere because no school would look beyond my below-average number. The people in the Admissions Office listened to me, they read what I wrote, and they took a leap of faith that would lead to my current 4.0 GPA.

Samantha Rupel is a senior in the Communication Department at Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, California. She is currently an intern with the Marketing and Communications Department and enjoys writing sassy blogs for her patient and understanding university.

For information on transfering to Notre Dame de Namur University, please visit the Transfer Admission page.

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