I’d say last weekend was pretty eventful. Friday I got to hang out with some cool kids from Parca. Parca is an organization that provides support for people with developmental disabilities. The group is open to people of all ages as well as their friends and family members. The Psi Chi honor society at NDNU has been putting together two events a year in conjunction with Parca.

The people that come are always so full of energy and joy. Even playing with something as simple as a balloon brightens their day. I want that same happiness and simplicity in my life. I love those kids; they are so inspirational. I think that from the people at Parca, others can really learn to slow down and appreciate the little things in life.

After the eventful and entertaining Parca social I just fell asleep; the week had really taken a toll on me.

Saturday was the last fall ball game for lacrosse against Sonoma. It was a really close game and went into over time, but unfortunately the Argos lost. Oh well. Nick’s mom was here for the weekend to see him and to watch his game, so I got to catch up with her while we watched. Then we went back to Nick’s apartment and his mother showed me how to make her famous and amazing margaritas! They are amazing! After that she left to go visit her friend in Santa Cruz. Once she left we started setting up for the boys’ big Halloween party. That went really well; so many people came! I left before the night was over, and can only imagine the disaster that was left behind to be found in the morning.

Now, it’s Sunday, relax day. I went to have a late breakfast lunch at Whispers Café with my roomy; it was so delicious. After our meal we  just chilled, and enjoyed some much needed quiet time off campus.

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