Transitions into Adulthood: Figuring out my future


As I approach my last year of college, it’s dawning on me that I am going to have to be a “grown-up” and I feel kind of cheated.

During high school, I made one good decision (thank God) that left me with a handful of college credits. I was extremely grateful that NDNU accepted all but maybe seven of those credits because that put me one year ahead of my classmates.

Who wouldn’t be happy?!

At first, I was ecstatic beyond words. This meant that my parents wouldn’t have to pay for an extra year of school, and I would be out in the business world faster than everyone else. But being a working “adult” sooner than my friends is a lot scarier than I realized.

Coming into college with one year already behind me gave me one less year to figure out what I want to do with myself. When people find out that I’m graduating in two semesters, they ask me “Rachel! What are going to do when you graduate?” I don’t know what to tell them, so I just say that I’m going to move back into my mom’s house and be a couch potato. Little do they know, I’m only half joking. That’s what scares me the most.

I fear I won’t be happy because I have too many interests to choose just one career path. I’ve sat down with a few of my professors about what I can do with my business degree, and they’ve all given me such great advice that I still can’t decide.

The best words of wisdom I’ve received about my future come from my father (but of course I didn’t really listen to him until I heard the same thing from my professor):

“Just get out there and start. Start somewhere – anywhere – and you’re gonna find your niche. You can’t expect to like what you’re doing, but you’ll find it. Just do something.”

I’m really hoping that I find what I’m looking for, but for now, I’ll continue pretending that I know where I’m going.

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