Six Days at Sea!


This post is part of a series about Kyndall’s travels with study abroad program Semester at Sea.

Although this is long overdue, here is the continuation of my blogging from the summer voyage!!

Yay! Six full days of classes from Istanbul to Morocco. In order to get in the full amount of classes, the ship has to move painfully slow through the Mediterranean. Outside there is no wind at all due to the snail pace, and the sun is amplified by the water. Great for tanning, terrible for anything else.

It would have been a great six day break between ports had I not had so much school work!. I had a test the first day, an essay due the next, another test on the third day, and two more essays due the next two days. I was a busy busy girl. But I got everything done with limited amounts of stress, thank goodness. And I even had time one of the days to get a little sun.

During this six day break, the ship held a talent show for anyone brave enough to present themselves in front of the entire ship. Everyone did an amazing job! I was so surprised at how many talented people there were on the ship. The most popular performance type was musical, showcasing the singing and instrumental capabilities of the students. Some people even wrote their own music; very impressive! Others danced, read poetry, and presented a comedy act. It’s hard to say who was the absolute best, because everyone had an amazing talent, but some people definitely stood out with their performances: Rio a guitar player, singer, and song writer; Keenan, a guitar player, who just learned on the voyage that he had an amazing voice; a group of three girls who did an interesting contemporary dance that was very well choreographed; and Willie De, also a singer, songwriter, and guitar player. Willie De actually won the talent show, and as it turns out he has some of his own recorded music on iTunes! He has two CDs out already, and a new one scheduled to hit stores in the fall. He had a few of his new CDs to give to people on the ship, so I got some of his music!

After all of my tests and essays were done, we had just enough time to get a general plan for our first day in Morocco. We figured out what we were doing and who all would be meeting us for breakfast at 7:45, on sixth deck. Our last day was spent relaxing and making plans for our second to last port of the voyage.

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