Semester at Sea


Hello!! This is my first blog ever, so I don’t really know what I’m doing.  But, I am currently living in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  Literally right in the middle. The waves are rough and shake the boat.  So many people are sea sick and all of the furniture is covered in salt from the spray of the ocean.  But it’s amazing! I look out the window during my classes and see nothing but the deep blue of the ocean for miles and miles. It’s so surreal that this is a real school.  Everyone wants to be here and cares about their education. The class discussions are always lively and informative.  Not to mention I have my first real lecture class with over 250 kids! It’s so exciting. There are people from all of the world and everyone is so nice.  So far I’m loving life at sea.  We’ve been sailing for four days now and still have five days left until we reach our first destination, Barcelona. I can’t wait to be submerged in the culture I have been learning about!  Ok byee!!


  1. Kyndall,

    This is terrific! I am so happy for you and are taking your education studies at sea! I look forward to your return to campus and look forward to your continued blogs. Travel safe and have fun!

  2. So glad your doing that, im praying that you stay safe, and co ti ue to enjoy and soak up every second of your journey :) miss u kdoll

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