I had only been to festivals and never to a real concert, and Pretty Lights was my first!! That in itself is awesome, but then actually going and experiencing the whole thing myself was even better. Now I know why my little sister goes to them all of the time!

There were about fifteen NDNU kids going in our group, so we carpooled to the BART station in Millbrae then rode the train to the venue. That was an interesting ride. Everyone I was with was dressed in unique outfits to say the least; all eyes were on us. Not to mention we were pretty loud in our excitement for the concert.

We finally got there; thankfully, the venue was a stone’s throw from the train station. There was one person left to open for Pretty Lights when we walked in. We also fit in more as far as attire goes. The other crazed fans and crazier outfits only hyped us up more for the main show. Then the famous Pretty Lights countdown began and we went wild!

He played all of his new stuff, and some songs none of us had ever heard before. The way he blends the sounds together is really creative. He played for what seemed like hours; we were all lost in the music and in our own selves as we danced along. The finale seemed to come far too soon. It was! Pretty Lights came back and played all of the old favorites! I thought the crowd was crazy before, but man, everyone went berserk!!!!

Such a great experience! I’m very glad that I finally saw my first concert; I couldn’t have asked for a better performance. I also can’t wait for my next concert!!! I am officially addicted.

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