Dean Kevin Santos

Age: 22

Year: Junior

Major: Political Science

Hometown: San Bruno, CA

High School: Capuchino High School (San Bruno, CA)

Clubs and Activities: Educators for Fair Consideration, ASPIRE, Asian Law Caucus

About Me: Dean is an undocumented student who is a part of a larger national youth-led immigrant rights movement. He arrived in the United States with his mother at the age of 12. While in high school, Dean was unsure as to whether college would be a possibility for him. It wasn’t until his senior year that he discovered that college was, in fact, a possibility. After graduating from Capuchino High School, Dean went on to Skyline College. At Skyline, Dean was recruited by his journalism instructor to serve as a staff writer for the Skyline View, where he quickly became a well-known and award-winning photojournalist. He was also elected as a council senator for the Associated Students of Skyline College, where he focused on immigrant rights issues and fighting the budget cuts. Currently, Dean is pursuing a political science degree at Notre Dame de Namur University. He is also serving as the co-chair of Advocacy and Outreach for Asian Students Promoting Immigrant Rights through Education (ASPIRE). Dean is the E4FC Outreach Ambassador to the South Bay and Peninsula Region. He is also currently working with the Sr. Dorothy Stang Center for Social Justice to develop his skills as a community organizer.


Rachel Geibig

Age: 19

Year: Junior

Major: Business Administration

Hometown: San Jose, CA

High School: Too many! Archbishop Mitty High School, Oak Grove High School, ACCEL Middle College @ Evergreen Valley College

Clubs and Activities: Sigma Beta Delta Vice President

About Me: I am a nail polish addict, a foodie and a Sanrio junkie. Sewing, baking and cleaning are my indulgences (I know…cleaning?!), and I love short walks in the city. But all jokes aside, I pride myself on my academic background and hope that it will take me places. I crave a good challenge, whether in the classroom, at my sewing machine or in the kitchen. And sometimes while I’m driving.


Rhea May Marcelino

Age: 20

Year: Junior

Major: Communications

Hometown: Ewa Beach, HI

High School: Waipahu High School

Clubs and Activities: Young Christian Students

About Me: Born and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, I have great pride in where I come from. I’m a girl who is always down for a good adventure and trying new things. Beside hanging out with family and friends, I also enjoy a good do-it-yourself project. I enjoy working with children, but someday hope to become involved in the public relations or video journalism scene in the Bay Area.


Claire V. Karoly Ard

NDNU Communications Staff

Age: 25

Year: Alum, Class of 2010

Major: Music – Vocal Performance, minor in communication

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

High School: Loretto High School (Sacramento, CA)

Clubs and Activities: NDNU Queer-Straight Alliance, NDNU Chanteurs, Camerata Ensemble

About Me: I like hugs, colorful knee socks and stockings, and dyeing my hair – what else is there to say? Okay, I’ll give you a bit more. Before I started at NDNU, I hadn’t had any formal instruction in singing; majoing in music totally opened my horizons. Now, I’m interested in many different kinds of music, including baroque, cabaret, opera, 20th century classical, rock and roll and punk cabaret. I currently study voice with basso-profondo Gregory Stapp, and sing in a cover band called the JackAces. I’m also curious about music therapy. At NDNU, I work in the communications office as the web content coordinator, but really, I wear many hats! I live in Belmont (same city as NDNU) with my husband, Criss, and our cat Leeloo. I’m very extroverted, so don’t be shy: send me a note and I’ll get back to you. *hug*


Past Contributors

Kyndall Smith

Posts by Kyndall

Age: 20

Year: Senior

Major: Double major in psychology and art history

Hometown: Arlington, Washington

High School: Arlington High School (Washington)

Clubs and Activities: National honors society, volleyball, Respect Team.

About Me: I love to travel and I love to learn new things. I also like to work so that I can have the opportunities to travel and what not.


Kevin Beel

Posts by Kevin

Age: 21

Year: Junior

Major: Biology

Hometown: Martinez, CA

High School: De La Salle High School, Concord, CA

Clubs and Activities: Bonner volunteers, San Mateo County Energy Watch, Writing Center tutor, former Resident Assistant and Orientation Leader

About Me: Hey! My name is Kevin and I will be a junior at Notre Dame de Namur University (NDNU) in fall 2012. I am a twenty-one-year-old biology major, and I want to work in the medical field after I graduate, either as a paramedic or a nurse, and maybe as a physician later down the road. I am excited to be joining the Bonner program at the Dorothy Stang Center for Social Justice, and I look forward to working in the community. I am also a former resident assistant and orientation leader, and I work on campus in the Writing Center and at a local rock climbing gym. I love all sports, from baseball and boxing to rugby and cycling. I hope to resume training at a nearby boxing and muay thai gym when my knee heals. I also enjoy reading, writing, drawing, solving puzzles, and camping. My favorite elements of NDNU are the school’s cultural diversity, its small size, and the food in the cafeteria!


Leah Sawick

Posts by Leah

Age: 23

Year: Senior

Major: Music Performance with emphasis in Musical Theatre

Hometown: Abington, Pennsylvania

High School: Bishop McDevitt (Harrisburg, PA)

Clubs and Activities: NDNU Onstage, Pocket Opera

About Me: I am a 23 year old Senior, studying musical theatre at NDNU. I am involved in the musical theatre and opera productions throughout the school year. When I am not busy with school, I enjoy playing ukulele, guitar and studying languages. I have high ambitions and goals for my future and cannot wait to carry the tools and values that NDNU has instilled in me, into the real world.

Brian Fernandez

Year: Senior

Major: Communications

Hometown: San Mateo, CA

High School: Burlingame High School. Burlingame, CA.

Clubs and Activities: Although I am not involved in any clubs or sports on campus, I like to stay active by going to the gym and hiking as much as I can in my free time.

About Me: I am Senior at NDNU, and I transferred from San Jose State University. I consider myself a huge dork, since I say the silliest things sometimes. I love a good joke, so please tell me one. You can catch me at a good movie or a good game of laser tag. I love exploring the city of San Francisco, since it’s so close to my home. I also love to dance! Music is in my soul. I am an active seeker of new music, so if you know of an awesome song or artist/band, please don’t hesitate to send me the info my way! Overall, I’d say I’m an outgoing guy, who loves to have a good time. In regards to work experience, I have been fortunate enough to have held various marketing positions at a number of Silicon Valley start-up companies. Once I graduate, I plan to work for another start-up or a large, stable company. I am eagerly awaiting graduation and can’t wait to face the world head on.


Stephanie Biehl

Posts by Stephanie

Year: Senior

Major: Business

Minor: Spanish and Math

Hometown: Pleasanton, CA

High School: Foothill High School

Clubs and Activities: Captain of Women’s Cross Country, Track Club, Latinos Unidos Executive Board Member, Vice President of the Resident Hall Association, Resident Assistant, Orientation Team, Co-Executive Editor of the Argonaut, Writing Center Tutor,

About Me: I believe the thing that most epitomizes my Steph Biehl nature is that my favorite color is OrAnGe! I’m obssessed with this amazing color. It’s bright, spontaneous, inviting, effervescent, and passionate. These are all qualities that I value, along with integrity and genuineness. Despite my love of the color, I do NOT have orange hair. It’s strawberry blonde. I am a very hard worker, but I play even harder. I’m also addicted to running, laughing, washing my hands, and country music. I have a million and one dreams and ambitions and I plan to make them all come true. I’m down for anything, so give me a holler if you’re up for line dancing, bull riding, paintballing, or just plain hanging out!


Pilar Mullins

Major: Biology

Minor: Business

Hometown: Millbrae, CA

High School: Mills High School

Clubs and Activities: Women’s Basketball Team

About Me: I was born and raised in the Bay Area and I love being here for college. I enjoy all types of sports and anything that has to with water from surfing to water polo to kayaking. I play basketball for NDNU and I love being apart of that community. I also enjoy all types of music, I’m currently learning to play the guitar. I hope to attend grad school for veterinary medicine after I graduate and then someday open my own practice.


Neal Pascua

Posts by Neal

Major: Musical Theatre

Minor: Communications & Psychology

Hometown: Fairfield, CA

High School: Armijo High School (Fairfield, CA)

Clubs and Activities: ASNDNU President, Isang Lahi Filipino Club President (2 years), RA (1.5 years), Orientation Leader

About Me: On first glance you may think I’m a shy quiet guy, but once we become the best of friends I can be one CRAZY fella. Tempt me with food….I’ll eat it and then some. Bump some music…and I’ll get down and jiggy on the dance floor. Bust out some karaoke, and I’ll tear up that mic like it’s my job. But mostly, I’m down for some fun times and getting to know YOU so say hi and let’s be friends!”


Claire Andrews

Posts by Claire

Major: Kinesiology

Hometown: San Leandro, California

High School: Bishop O’Dowd (Oakland, CA)

About Me: I started playing basketball in second grade and ever since have loved it; although, I do not play competitively anymore.  I also love listening to music, such as  hip-hop, salsa, reggaeton and bachata.  During the week I spend my time studying and working hard so that on the weekends I have enough free-time to spend with friends.  I am a bay area girl who loves to spend the weekends driving around in my hometown or window shopping in San Francisco.


Linette Natividad

Posts by Linette

Major: Art & Graphic Design, and Communication

Hometown: Ewa Beach, Hawaii

High School: James Campbell High School (Ewa Beach, HI)

Clubs and Activities: Isang Lahi (Filipino Club)

About Me: I’ve been a student here at Notre Dame de Namur University ever since I was a freshman in 2007.  When I’m not in class, you can find me at the Admissions department, where I am a student administrative worker.  I also spend most of my time at the Wiegand Gallery, where I am the official student gallery volunteer for the year.

I aspire to be a graphic designer, and I have even started freelance graphic design.  I will be graduating on May 7, 2011, but until then, I will spend the rest of my time at NDNU enjoying college life as best as I can.


Gregory Bearson

Posts by Gregory

Major: Environmental Studies

Minor: Business

Hometown: Sammamish, WA

High School: Eastlake High School (Sammamish, WA)

Clubs and Activities: Co-President Students for Sustainability, Chair Student Athletic Advisory Council, Cross Country, and Captain Lacrosse team.

About Me: I am a five eleven college student who enjoys biking, jogging, and a good game of badminton.


Rachel Brunson

Posts by Rachel

Major: English

Minor: Music — Piano

Hometown: Angels Camp, CA

High School: Bret Harte High School, Angels Camp, CA

Athletics: Basketball

Clubs and Activities: Orientation Team, Camerata Ensemble, Writing Center Tutor, NDNU Development Office

About Me: I want to be a teacher and basketball coach. I am a Senior and have loved being a student at NDNU since I was a freshman!


Sofia Lozano

Posts by Sofia

Majors: Sociology and Philosophy

Hometown: Mexico City

Transfered from: Canada College, Redwood City

Athletics: None at NDNU, but I like to hike once in a while.

Clubs and Activities: International Students’ Club, Going Green Club.

About Me: I believe in the benefits of diversity; diversity of ideas, schools of thought, cultures and perspectives. This is why I decided to study abroad and immerse myself in a multi cultural community like the Bay Area. I am a proud nerd, yes that is right, the kind of nerd that sits in the front row asks questions and gets a very special joy out of research papers. But that does not stop me from enjoying other aspects of life. I am a music lover, from classical to hip hop, and from pop to rock, music balances out my rational side. I like dancing, and silly jokes. I don’t really need too much to be happy; good friends, tasty food and shared laughter are enough to make smile for weeks.


Sally Olsson

Posts by Sally

Major: Communications

Minor: Psychology

Hometown: Hillsboro, OR

High School: Century High School

Athletics: Soccer (all four years) and Tennis (my sophomore and junior year)

About Me: Sunshine, ice cream, and soccer are just a few of my favorite things. I grew up in the Portland, Oregon area with a wonderful and supportive family of 6 (I have three sisters, no brothers).

I was recruited to play soccer at NDNU, but I chose this school over others because of its beautiful location, small class sizes, and professors that truly care about each student. My sophomore and junior year I played for the tennis team as well. I decided not to play tennis my senior year so that I could dive into my second consecutive PR internship an NDNU professor helped set me up with. I have attended NDNU and lived on campus all four years and I can’t believe I’ll be graduating this May! College goes by way too fast; however, I’m excited to join the ‘real world.’


Linzey Harvey


Posts by Linzey

Major: Biology

Hometown: Tracy, CA

Athletics: Soccer

Clubs and Activities: Orientation Team


John Larsen

Posts by John

Major: English

Minor: Communications

Hometown: Hayward, CA

High School: Moreau Catholic

Clubs and Activities: Argonaut, Bohemian

About Me: John Larsen is working towards a future in moderate poverty, a potpourri of odd jobs, and huge aspirations…and couldn’t be more pleased about it.


Conrad Clevlen

Posts by Conrad

Major: Environmental Justice

Minor: Psychology

Hometown: Austin, TX

High School: McNeil High School, Austin

Athletics: Lacrosse

Clubs and Activities: Going Green Club, Orientation Team, Amnesty International, Associated Students (student government), SAAC, and NDNU lacrosse team.

About Me: I grew up in Austin, TX and had lived there for the majority of my life until I moved out to Belmont, CA for school in 2006. Currently I am the ASNDNU President and a member of many other clubs on campus as well. I am passionate about preserving the environment, animal rights, human rights, and education. I will graduate from NDNU this May and following undergrad I hope to attend law school and advocate for environmental justice (I purposely left that statement broad).


Christina Zigliotto

Posts by Christina

Major: Business Administration – Concentrations: Marketing, Finance, Economics

Minor: Fine Art

Hometown: San Mateo, CA

High School: Burlingame High School, Burlingame, CA

Athletics: None at NDNU.  I love to hike on weekends, ride my bicycle, swim and run.  Working out in general is something I enjoy doing.

Clubs and Activities: ASNDNU (Positions range from Senator to Vice President), Rotaract (positions range from member to treasurer), Biz Com President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Beta Delta, Bonner Leader, Students For Sustainability, Center For Student Leadership Intern planning leadership events.

About Me: I am a business administration major, concentrating in the areas of finance, economics, and marketing.  I also minor in fine arts because I love to be creative!  No matter what I end up doing now or in the future must have an edge of uniqueness and that is another reason for my choice in minor.  I have held a ton of leadership roles on campus and love the opportunities it brings and people I meet as a result.  My favorite things are ridiculous people, spontaneity, sunshine and soul.  I love to bake cupcakes, ride my bicycle, eat frozen yogurt, hike, run, and adventure in to the beautiful Bay Area and coast.  Travel is a must – I believe all people should travel, as it truly shapes a person’s being.  I have been to Italy, Costa Rica, and England.  I want to travel to France, Tibet, and Africa.  I enjoy uplifting other people, and helping to protect nature and animals.  Can’t wait to graduate this year and jump in to the real world!! (:


Amanda Masetti

Posts by Amanda

Major: Biochemistry

Hometown: Redwood City, CA

High School: Mercy High School, Burlingame

Athletics: None at NDNU, but I played Varsity Water Polo and Varsity Swimming for all my four years of high school. I also swim during my leisure time.

About Me: I am a commuter student at NDNU, wrapping up my fourth and final year here, and it has been an amazing experience. I am from Redwood City, and I commute daily to school…yes, even to the 8 o’clock ones! I work at a local grocery store, where I have clocked in a little over three years, and they have helped fund my NDNU education. :) Sometimes I feel like I am all over the place, running straight from class to work, then home where a few hours of homework await me, but I have developed some fantastic organizational skills. I still live at home with my family, and although some may feel that this disrupts the “true college experience,” it is actually not a bad choice, and I feel if you can, do it! On my free time, I like to hang out with my friends and family, whether it be a night in or out on the town. To alleviate stress levels, I enjoy going for runs, ‘brief’ runs, and working out at the gym to get all those healthy endorphins jumping. I love to laugh, dance and joke around, and I squeeze every drop of fun that could possibly be had out of any situation. As for where I am going after I graduate, there is still some speculation… but hopefully in the general vicinity of optometry or nutrition. My motto: “STRESSED” is “DESSERTS” spelled backwards, so RELAX and ENJOY:)


Kelly Hammond

Posts by Kelly

Major: Vocal Performance

Hometown: Ashland, OR

High School: Ashland High School (OR)

About Me: Kelly is a senior at NDNU majoring in Vocal Performance. When she’s not singing, she loves reading, watching bad horror films, traveling, and exploring the Bay Area in her Jetta with her friends!