Dubrovnik, Croatia


This post is part of a series about Kyndall’s travels with study abroad program Semester at Sea.

Such a beautiful city! White walls and red roofs cover the coastline and look over the crystal clear blue water. I didn’t know water could be so clear. You could see clearly straight down 40 feet, absolutely amazing. It was crazy hot outside, people were literally dripping sweat just standing in the sun, the water was a must. Good thing there were plenty of cliffs to jump off! The water was so salty, I could float straight up and down, with my head out of water, because the water was so buoyant!

Dubrovnik was absolutely perfect, in Old Town, the part of the city that is walled off with ancient city walls is so quaint, no cars allowed. The Dubrovnik music festival started our first night there. This is one of Croatia’s biggest events and we got to experience it! The president was even there; it was a pretty big deal.

Croatia is well known for its crepes and sausages, so naturally I had to try some out. So glad I did. The crepes were made at small kiosks on the side of the road, but they were so perfect, they just melt in your mouth! The sausages were amazing too! Perfect blend of spices. Also food related, there is a bazaar everyday in one of the main courtyards where they sell sugar covered almonds, wow! I can’t even explain how good those were! Another popular thing was homemade liquors, almost any flavor you can imagine: mint, rose, pomegranate, lavender, orange, everything!

Everything about this port was awesome, until the last night when things went just a tad sour. I lost my credit card and driver’s license on the way back to the ship. I had to buy a calling card to have my mom cancel it, because we don’t get WiFi on the ship. After my mom canceled the card, I continued searching until after the sun rose! But, thankfully, right as I was about to give up, the police found my card and ID. Unfortunately, I can’t reactivate my card and now have to wait for a new one.

But, still Dubrovnik is absolutely amazing and beautiful. I highly recommend Croatia to be put on everyone’s list of places to visit. Especially if you’ve seen the TV series, Game of Thrones; the entire show is filmed right in the Old Town of Dubrovnik! Nothing but good reviews about this wonderful place. Hope all is well back in the states! K byee!!!

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