Alanah’s Thoughts on Finals Week


It’s finals time! While everyone is stressed out about finals I’m thinking more positive. My theory on finals week is simple: yes finals suck BUT in one week we will be FREE for one month! My cross country coach tells the team that when the race gets hard, when you can’t breathe and when you feel your legs get heavy … push harder.  I put his advice into perspective for every aspect of my life now. I give everything my all because I know that the “coulda-shoulda-woulda” will eat me up. I told my roommates this as well and truthfully finals week has brought the three of us much closer. We keep each other going when we get tired, spring little surprises on one another and keep reminding each other that in one week we will be home and can literally lay in bed with a jumbo bag of chips all day. I do have to admit that I feel a little guilty that finals week hasn’t hit me as hard as other people on campus. There are students on campus that are staying up all night long working on assignments. I personally can’t function without 8-10 hours of sleep so all nighters are pointless for me. I’ve been in college for some time now and with experience I’ve learned to avoid all of that stress by staying on top of my work throughout the year, simple enough right? But for the rest of you who didn’t follow in my footsteps here is some passed-down advice: PUSH HARDER.

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